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IT Facility

IT Facility

Explanation of IT facility services including office lighting/phone/network connection, and server rack installation, cabling, and connection tests.

Wiring works unification

  • Wiring works for entire floors using UTP cables, CAT5E and CAT6
  • Connection of phone and network
  • Cable quality test by Fluke Tester
  • Adjustment between the developers and the company in charge
  • Main line construction using optical fiber cables
  • Management and connection to the Router and Hub
  • Relocation of information outlets involved with layout changes
  • Patch changes, circuit jumper exchanges
  • Installation of 19 inch Racks

Sales of equipments and cables

  • Sales of network equipment
  • Sales of special cable construction

Power supply installation

  • All power supply installation in the floor
  • Power supply, circuit management on OA floor

Electrical construction overview

  • Phone installation
  • Sound construction
  • Earthquake-proof equipment construction

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