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IT network

IT network

We provide construction, transfer, expansion, disposal, asset management, and MAC services that accompany office relocation, and interior layout change services.

Network environment research

  • Asset management and connection research
  • Update/creation of layout plans
  • Verification of router/switching hub connections
  • Labeling of IT equipment/cables
  • Research for VOICE circuit connection

PC/Server set up

  • Moving of IT peripherals in the case of building relocation
  • Dismantling, packaging, transporting, setting-up PC/printers and their peripherals
  • Relocation of terminals such as Market Data
  • Mounting of servers onto 19inch racks
  • Arranging and construction of special cables
  • Removal of PC/server equipment
  • Disposal of PC/server equipment and data removal
  • Set-up of servers, routers, hub's etc based on system designs
  • Assignment of Desktop and Helpdesk engineers

Management of network equipment information

  • Management of existing and new network equipment
  • Research of cable connection and quality
  • Removal of unnecessary connection cables
  • Providing efficient setup plans for server racks and cables
  • Routine maintenance by MAC team, Patch manager, and system engineers

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